YES... Why? -- Because 95% of ALL General Chemistry courses and General Chemistry textbooks are exactly the same.

This fact is exemplified by the thousands of chemistry students (see testimonials) from hundreds of different colleges throughout the U.S. who have used General Chemistry Notes to earn A grades in their General Chemistry lecture courses. The enormous popularity of our Notes would not be possible unless they were widely applicable to any undergraduate General Chemistry course and any college-level General Chemistry textbook. Go online and Google any university's General Chemistry course number (1st or 2nd semester - it doesn't matter) and examine the course syllabus. Invariably the syllabus will look almost identical to your own. This is why college transfer credit for General Chemistry is so freely granted to students who transfer from one educational institution to another.

Before General Chemistry Notes was written, we examined 87 undergraduate General Chemistry textbooks. We discovered that 94.8% of the chapters (and even the chapters' subtopics) were sequenced in exactly the same order. Each of the 20 "chapters" (Sections) in General Chemistry Notes relates to the material in YOUR General Chemistry textbook. And remember, although each Section of our Notes corresponds to a specific chapter in your textbook, our "chapters" are written as easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand notes that are guaranteed to replace your in-lecture notes and textbook. See for yourself if your chemistry textbook is on our "100% Complete Compatibility List" by scrolling through the list of textbooks below. If your chemistry textbook is on this list, you will benefit immediately from General Chemistry Notes.