Solutions and Their Properties

Solutions and Their Properties -- Section 11 of General Chemistry Notes is 13 pages in length (page 11-1 through page 11-13) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 11 - Solutions and Their Properties

11-1 -- Homogeneous Mixtures (Solutions)
11-1 -- Solution Composition
· Dilute vs. Concentrated
· Molarity (M)
· Molality (m)
· Mass Percent
· Mole Fraction
· Normality (N)
11-3 -- Three Factors Affecting the Solubility of a Solution
· Structure Effects
· Pressure Effects
· Henry’s Law
· Temperature Effects
· Solid Solutes, Liquid Solutes, and Gas Solutes
11-4 -- The Vapor Pressure of Solutions
· Nonvolatile Solutes
· Raoult’s Law
11-7 -- Colligative Properties
11-7 -- Boiling Point Elevation
11-9 -- Freezing Point Depression
11-10 -- Osmotic Pressure
· Relationship between Osmotic Pressure (pi) and Molarity (M)
· van’t Hoff Factor
· Isotonic Solutions
11-13 -- Ion Pairing

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Solutions and Their Properties

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