Chemical Kinetics Notes

Chemical Kinetics -- Section 12 of General Chemistry Notes is 24 pages in length (page 12-1 through page 12-24) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 12 - Chemical Kinetics

12-1 - Introduction to Kinetics
12-2 - Reaction Rates
· Instantaneous Reaction Rates
· Average Reaction Rates
12-4 - Rate Laws
12-5 - Types of Rate Laws
· The Differential Rate Law
· The Integrated Rate Law
12-6 -- Determining the Form of the Rate Law
· The Method of Initial Rates
12-9 -- Determining a Differential Rate Law
12-10 -- The Integrated Rate Law
12-10 -- The First-Order Integrated Rate Law
· The Half-Life of a First-Order Reaction
12-13 -- The Second-Order Integrated Rate Law
· The Half-Life of a Second-Order Reaction
12-16 -- The Zero-Order Integrated Rate Law
· The Half-Life of a Zero-Order Reaction
12-16 -- Reaction Mechanisms
· Mechanisms
· Reaction Intermediates
· Elementary Steps and Molecularity
· Unimolecular Reactions, Bimolecular Reactions, and Termolecular Reactions
· The Rate-Determining Step
12-19 -- The Collision Model for Chemical Kinetics
· Collision Frequency
· Activation Energy
· Molecular Orientations of Colliding Reactants
12-21 -- The Arrhenius Equation
12-22 -- Catalysis
· Catalyzed Pathways vs. Uncatalyzed Pathways
12-23 -- Integrated Rate Laws for Reactions with More than One Reactant
· Pseudo First-Order Rate Laws

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Chemical Kinetics

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