Acids and Bases Notes

Acids and Bases -- Section 14 of General Chemistry Notes is 23 pages in length (page 14-1 through page 14-23) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 14 - Acids and Bases

14-1 -- Acid-Base Chemistry
· Arrhenius Acids and Bases
· Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases
· Proton (H+) Donors and Proton (H+) Acceptors
· Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs
· The Acid Dissociation Constant (Ka)
14-3 -- Simple Acid Dissociation Reactions
14-4 -- Acid Strength
· Table of Ka Values for Some Common Acids
· List of Strong Acids to Know
14-5 -- Amphoteric Substances
· Auto-Ionization of Water
· The Dissociation Constant for Water, Kw (“Ion Product for Water“)
14-6 -- The pH Scale
· The Relationship between pH and [H+]
· A Shortcut to Calculating pH Values
· The pOH scale and [OH-]
· pKw
14-8 -- Calculating the pH of Strong Acid Solutions
14-9 -- Calculating the pH of Weak Acid Solutions
· Solving for pH Using the ICE Method
· Weak Acid Equilibrium Expressions
14-11 -- Solutions Containing Two Weak Acids
14-12 -- Percent Dissociation (Percent Ionization)
· Calculating Ka from Percent Dissociation
14-14 -- Calculating the pH of Strong Base Solutions
· Group I Hydroxides
· Group II Hydroxides, and Antacids
14-15 -- Calculating the pH of Weak Base Solutions
· Kb and Base Equilibrium Expressions
14-17 -- Polyprotic Acids
· Diprotic Acids and Triprotic Acids
· Stepwise Dissociation Reactions
14-19 -- Acid-Base Properties of Salts
· Salts that Produce Neutral Solutions
· Salts that Produce Basic Solutions
· Salts that Produce Acidic Solutions

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Acids and Bases Notes

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