Electrochemistry Notes

Electrochemistry Notes -- Section 17 of General Chemistry Notes is 22 pages in length (page 17-1 through page 17-22) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 17 - Electrochemistry

17-1 -- Oxidation-Reduction Reactions (Redox Reactions)
· A Typical Redox Reaction
· The Oxidizing Agent and the Reducing Agent
· Redox Half-Reactions
17-2 -- Redox Reactions and Electricity Generation
· Separating the Oxidizing Agent and the Reducing Agent
· Electrochemical Cells
17-2 -- Galvanic Cells
· Galvanic Cell Setup
· The Anode and the Cathode (“OIL RIG”)
· The Salt Bridge
· Measuring Voltage with a Voltmeter
17-4 -- Cell Potential (Ecell)
· The Electromotive Force (emf)
· Calculating the Cell Potential
· Standard Reduction Potentials (E°cell)
17-5 -- Table of Standard Reduction Potentials
17-7 -- Line Notation to Describe an Electrochemical Cell
17-10 -- Inert Electrodes
· Platinum as an Inert Conductor
17-11 -- The Relationship between Free Energy and Cell Potential
· The Faraday Constant (F)
17-13 -- Concentration Cells
17-15 -- The Nernst Equation
· Non-standard Cell Potentials
17-17 -- Calculating the Equilibrium Constant for a Redox Reaction
17-18 -- Batteries
· Sources of Direct Current
· The Lead Storage Battery
· The Dry Cell Battery
17-21 -- Electrolysis
· Electrolytic Cells
· Reversal of Electron Flow
· Electrolytic Cells vs. Galvanic Cells

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Electrochemistry Notes

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