The Nucleus and Nuclear Energy

The Nucleus and Nuclear Energy -- Section 19 of General Chemistry Notes is 18 pages in length (page 19-1 through page 19-18) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 19 - The Nucleus and Nuclear Energy

19-1 -- The Nucleus
· Protons and Neutrons
· The Relative Size and Density of the Nucleus
· The Energies Associated with Nuclear Reactions
19-2 -- Some Nuclear Definitions
· Nucleons
· Atomic Number (Z) and Mass Number (A)
· Isotopes and Nuclides
19-2 -- Nuclear Stability and Radioactive Decay
· A Typical Radioactive Decay Process
19-3 -- Types of Radioactive Decay Reactions
· Alpha-Particle Production
· Spontaneous Fission
· Beta-Particle Production
· Gamma Ray Production (photons)
· Electron Capture
· Positron Production
19-5 -- Writing and Balancing Nuclear Reactions
19-5 -- Radioactive Decay Series
19-6 -- Half-Life (t½)
· Half-lives of Radioactive Nuclides
· First-Order Decay Processes
19-6 -- Detection of Radioactivity
· The Geiger Counter and Ar+(g) Detection
19-7 -- Carbon-14 Dating
· Radioactive Decay and First-Order Kinetics
19-10 -- Nuclear Fission
· Uranium-235
· Self-Sustaining Chain Reactions (subcritical, supercritical, and critical reactions)
· Critical State and “Critical Mass”
19-12 -- Nuclear Fusion
· Fusion Reactions in the Sun and in Stars
· Fusion of Protons (H+) to Form Helium (He)
19-13 -- Stability of the Nucleus
19-13 -- Mass Defect
· Calculating Nuclear Binding Energy from Mass Defect
19-15 -- Thermodynamic Stability of the Nucleus
· Units: “J/nucleon” vs. “MeV/nucleon”
· Binding Energy Problems where Electron Mass Must be Taken into Account

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