Gases -- Section 5 of General Chemistry Notes is 18 pages in length (page 5-1 through page 5-18) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 5 - Gases

5-1 -- Atmospheric Pressure
· The Barometer
· Two Factors Affecting Barometric Pressure
5-2 -- Units of Pressure
· mm Hg, torr, atm, Pa, psi
5-2 -- Boyle’s Law
5-3 -- Charles’ Law
5-4 -- Avogadro’s Law
5-5 -- The Combined Gas Law and the Ideal Gas Law
· Units of the Universal Gas Constant (R)
5-8 -- Gas Stoichiometry
· Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)
· Molar Volume of a Gas at STP (22.4 L)
5-10 -- Rearranging the Ideal Gas Law
· Molar Mass of a Gas
· Density of a Gas
5-10 -- Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
5-12 -- Mole Fractions
5-14 -- The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter (KMT)
· Four Postulates of KMT
5-15 -- The Meaning of Temperature
· The Relationship between Temperature and Kinetic Energy
5-15 -- The Root Mean Square Velocity
5-16 -- Diffusion and Effusion of Gases
· Diffusion Rates
· Effusion
· Graham’s Law of Effusion
5-18 -- Real Gases
· What Does it Mean to “Behave Ideally”?
· The Van Der Waals Equation
· Corrected Pressure and Corrected Volume for Real Gases

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