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"Not taking my own notes seemed like a death sentence to my grade, but after reading the first 3 sections of General Chemistry Notes, that's exactly what I did. Not only did I stop taking my own notes, but I sold my G-Chem textbook to another student. It sounds crazy but I no longer needed it because I was able to keep my A grade simply by using your Notes alone."  - Amber C.

"General Chemistry Notes helped me make sense of the difficult topics that I was unable to understand in lecture. Using the Notes, my study time was well spent because I knew I was focusing on what really mattered to my grade." Before: Studied 10 hours/week -- overall grade = C After: Studied about 3.5 hours/week -- overall grade B+"  - Huang F.

"I figured General Chemistry Notes would help me 'fill-in-the-blanks' with my own general chemistry lecture notes. It was a nice surprise to see that your Notes were so useful and helpful that I actually stopped taking my own lecture notes altogether. I just recently gave your 1st Semester Notes to my friend and he loves them"  - Clayton R.

"My General Chemistry [text]book was so difficult to understand that I decided to give General Chemistry Notes a try. I was worried about purchasing it mid-semester, but it was so easy to use! I started on Section 4 in the Notes and after a week I realized that I no longer needed by Chem [text]book. My study time has gone down but my grades on tests and quizzes are going up! Thanks to you guys!"  - Ling H.

"I'm hesitant to buy products online, but the process with you guys was so safe and hassle-free that I'm glad I did. In retrospect, it's a no-brainer to buy these Notes. I just wish I'd bought the whole thing all at once -- I bought Section by Section as I needed them. :-( But, oh well. They were only 7 bucks each..."  - Christopher B.

"I'm a busy guy and didn't have much time to spend on my chemistry class. General Chemistry Notes is the ONLY reason why I passed both Chem 1A and Chem 1B."  - Mark C.

"My Gen. Chem. professor was awesome, but I was missing half of the lectures because I was always face-down scribbling notes. And the textbook was sooooo confusing. So, after checking out all of the free pages of your Notes, I knew you had a good thing here. That's why I bought the full General Chemistry Notes course (downloadable format by the way - easier cuz instantaneous!). I told myself that a better grade and a better understanding was worth the $44.99. Plus I hated taking notes during lecture. I mean, who wants to draw p-orbitals?! I took Gen. Chem. for an entire year by the way, so the $44.99 spread out over that time was pennies!! - Money well spent!"  - Juliana S.

"At first I was thinking to myself that I have ENOUGH chemistry material as it is. My own notes plus a giant textbook. Why the heck would I want to buy more chemistry stuff to study from?? Well... that's what I USED to think, lol. I bought Sections 8 and 9 because I could not understand Lewis structures and VSEPR theory. After reading/studying those two sections, I went ahead and downloaded the entire two semesters of General Chemistry Notes because I knew I was going to need them for the rest of the first semster, and all of the second semester. Your Notes have made all the difference! It's obvious that the writers know how to get the message across in a simple-to-understand method. And about buying 'more materials'? --> I abandoned my textbook and stopped taking my own notes, so now I'm studying straight from your Notes (less material) by matching up your SECTIONS to my book's CHAPTERS (which is easy to do btw!)"  - Taylor H.